Welcome to Bibles For China, Royal Oak, Michigan.

Alex and Gale Litrichin

Alex and Gale Litrichin

Since it began in 1994 by Cliff Baird as an underground printing and distributing of bibles inside mainland China, more than 531,000 bibles have been distributed to the people of China.

Cliff had discovered an indigenous Restoration Movement which follows the New Testament teaching in doctrine and worship.

Today the movement continues in the loving and capable hands of Alex and Gale Litrichin.

Alex has been to China three times and is committed to this great task for serving God! Gale’s support and involvement strengthens this effort tremendously! Their talents and commitment will ensure that the program will grow to meet the needs of the Chinese people.

Literally hundreds of thousands of Bibles have been printed and given away to truth-seekers inside China. Sometimes those who have participated in this effort have put their own lives and freedoms at risk. Courageous men and women have made the commitment to make the word of God available to those who want it even though they may be imprisoned and persecuted for doing so.

Our involvement includes raising funds throughout the United States, traveling to China twice a year, coordinating the printing of the Chinese Bibles, arranging distribution points and administration. While in China, we have personal Bible studies with interested Chinese seekers, visit and encourage local Christians, train and equip house church leaders and meet with Chinese officials.

In addition to supporting the Bibles for China ministry from the fiscal budget, the Royal Oak church also takes up a special collection in the fall to help meet the financial goals of this exciting work.

They badly need your continued support of prayers, encouragement and money. The Chinese people thank you now, but will be even more thankful when they see you in Heaven.

Bibles for China is a ministry of the Royal Oak Church of Christ and is overseen by the Royal Oak elders.

The White Rock Fund provides a grant to the Church of Christ, Royal Oak, Michigan, for the work of Bibles For China.